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Sample Works

Video Editing

Video editing has always been one of my passion. 

In fact, I didn't begin editing until I was offered the opportunity to edit a trailer for a school contest at my university in 2019. And so here I am yet again, seeking for opportunities to enhance my craft in every manner that I can think of.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the software that I use the most, and I like it over everything else. 

To be completely honest, I find it much simpler to use than, say, Adobe Photoshop or even the widely used Canva app. 

It seems strange to me, but it's simply how I am. Moreover, I also used Adobe After Effects quite often these days for some 3D and motion graphics animation.

Video Set Up

My Vision

Video editing is something I enjoy doing. It gives me the thrill and a sense of accomplishment every time I finish a project, and it is without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world to experience.

Though, I may not be able to sustain my concentration while studying for an upcoming exam, I am a master of sitting in front of my desk all day, literally, just editing videos.

I've known it since the first day I began compiling those very first clips that I edited. Video editing is something that will always be a part of me. It's bringing me joy that can't be expressed in words at all. 

I believe that the timing is just right for me to share my abilities with you guys. Now, let's start working and producing the best output that we can think of!

---I've edited numerous videos and designs in the past. Unfortunately, my laptop was formatted two months ago, and I failed to back up my files. I lost literally everything. However, I was able to recover some via Google Drives and websites where they were uploaded.---

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